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Our events

  • Q1. Do I need to register to attend Digimakers?
    Yes, we need to know in advance how many people are attending the event. Register for an event now!.
  • Q2. How do I sign-up for workshops at a Digimakers event?
    First you need to register for an event at Digimakers. Once you have registered we will send you an email with a link to sign-up for workshops, up to one week before the event. Workshop places do fill up quickly, so respond immediately to avoid disappointment.
  • Q3. This is my first visit to Digimakers, what can I expect?
    The events we hold at 'We The Curious' are made up of 3 sections:
    • Workshops: There are a number of different workshops to choose from and we aim to provide something for everyone, from entry to intermediate skill levels.
    • Show-and-Tell: We invite experts along to inspire you with the projects they are working on.
    • Drop-in Center: In Bay 2 there is a drop-in center for anyone who needs help with programming, electronics, or just some advice on how to tackle a project you're working on at home or school. Feel free to bring your project with you, we would love to see what you have been up to! If you need help downloading software for a workshop or a hand getting started with a Raspberry Pi, we will be there to help.  Drop in anytime throughout the day. We look forward to seeing you.
    We also hold events at other locations and these may differ.
  • Q4. How much does it cost to attend a Digimakers Event?
    Digimakers is FREE. Sometimes we ask you to pay for materials, but you will be informed ahead of the workshop when this is the case. When we hold events at 'We The Curious' if you wish to view any displays on the ground and first floors you will be expected to pay the usual entrance fee. More details can be found here:
  • Q5. I am accompanying my child to Digimakers, do I have to register for a workshop that my child is attending?
    The short answer is NO. If you are assisting your child, or on hand for moral support there is no need for you to book a place at the workshop. Our team will also be happy to provide you with a chair, to sit alongside your child.
  • Q6. How do I change / cancel / edit my Event or Workshop registration details?
    You can now edit and change all aspects of your registration details on our website:

    1. Locate the individual EVENT or WORKSHOP you have registered for.

    2. Click on the "EDIT MY REGISTRATION" button and follow the instructions.
  • Q7. I am a teacher, home educator, STEM Ambassador or adult. Can I take part in the workshops?
    We encourage anyone who is going to pass on this knowledge to take part in our workshops. You don’t need to accompany a child to get involved. In fact we would love to hear from anyone who intends to use our workshops to teach others, please get in touch and tell us how Digimakers has had impact elsewhere.
    If you are a teacher we have some DIY teaching resources available.
  • Q8. How can I tell which age group the workshops are aimed at?
    We have found that age isn’t always the best measure of ability, and so we list our workshops by skill level. Please make sure you read the information relating to the workshop before signing-up. We don’t always get it right, but when possible we try to offer workshops that cater for multiple skill levels.
  • Q9. Will refreshments be available. Can I bring a packed lunch?
    'We The Curious' events: There is café selling refreshments on the ground floor. It is advisable to bring water with you because there isn’t a water fountain on the 3rd floor. You are of course welcome to bring a packed lunch with you, but note that we cannot provide any plates and cutlery. You are welcome to eat your packed lunch on the sofas provided. We do ask participants not to consume drinks near the electrical equipment in the workshop areas. During summer months there is also access to the balcony area.
  • Q10. Can my child attend Digimakers alone?
    Unaccompanied children must be aged 13 and above. Please be aware we will not be responsible for unaccompanied children, but we do our best to keep them engaged in our activities.
  • Q11. What equipment do I need to bring?
    Each workshop description will include an equipment list and any software you may need to install before you attend. Please ensure you read all the information relating to the workshop before signing-up. If you would like to borrow equipment please read question 12 below.
  • Q12. Can I borrow a Raspberry Pi or laptop to use at the event?
    Yes, we have a small amount of equipment we can loan on the day. Once you have signed up for a workshop please contact us in advance stating that you would like to loan equipment. Please note that this equipment is provided on a first come first served basis so get in quickly! On the day of the event you can collect equipment from our Drop-in center.

Supporting us

  • Q1. Can I help out, share a project or put on a workshop at Digimakers?
    If you have a project or a workshop you would like to share at a Digimakers event we would love to hear from you, so get in touch. Please note that anyone providing help will require a valid DBS check.
  • Q2. I would like to sponsor Digimakers, is this possible?
    We have a range of corporate sponsorship packages, please get in touch to get all the details.
  • Q3. I would like donate money or equipment to Digimakers?
    Digimakers relies on funding from charitable foundations, industrial sponsorship and the goodwill of our volunteers.  If you have attended one of our events and would like to donate money or equipment please contact us.